Members Only - AMM/General Teleconference/Special Meetings - 2017 Special Teleconference: Media Campaign Vote


Minutes for the Special Teleconference on June 15, 2017 for the Media Campagin Vote


MOTION: Be it moved that Waterwerks be the company to move forward with for the media campaign.

Motioned By Ashley Rossiter, seconded by Marcella Dumaresque on May 4, 2017. 

Initial Proposals: Cat's Eye Cinema, Wavelight,  Perfect Day, Waterwerks

Cat's Eye Quote Cody Westman FILM resume JUNE 2016

NLASLPA Proposal Wavelight

RFP Media Strategy Perfect Day

Water Werks Submission - NLASLPA

2017 Sub-Committee Report (as presented at the May 4 General Teleconference)

Teleconference Agenda

Voting by Proxy

Proxy Form 

Proxy forms can be completed and sent to Please scan and email a copy, or take a photo of the completed form and email along should you wish to vote by proxy.

Members in attendance may cast their own vote, and a maximum of two proxy votes. 

Confirmed members in attendance that you may assign your proxy to include:

Christine Champdoizeau
Courtney Gordon
Ashley Rossiter (already assigned two proxies, unable to take more at this time)
Alyson King
Jessica Williams
Josie Hussey

You may also give your proxy to any member you know will be attending.

Please note that this is a general proxy. This means that the person holding the proxy has the right to vote how they see fit. The proxy holder has the discretion to vote based on information discussed at this meeting.