About Us - Meet the Executive - Director-at-Large



What is your profession and area of practice?
Speech-Language Pathology. I work at Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital in Clarenville where we service children from birth to school entry (including Newborn Hearing Screenings) and adults as outpatients and inpatients as well as in long term care and protective care across all areas in our scope of practice.

What made you get into the profession?
A keen interest in language, neuroscience and a desire to be in a helping profession. Speech-Language Pathology for me was a perfect blend of science, arts and humanities.

What is your favorite hobby?
When I can sneak it in, my “me” time is spent playing the guitar, reading or baking i.e. finding new ways to infuse salted caramel into any baked good I can).

What is the best part about being involved in NLASLPA?
I think the most wonderful part of being involved in our association is connecting with the membership, both longstanding and new members. It is also great to serve on the executive and work towards goals that are important to me and to continue to promote public awareness regarding the ways our professions are supporting, improving and saving lives every day!