May is Speech and Hearing Month

May is Speech and Hearing Month. Each year, NLASLPA completes a variety of initiatives to promote public awareness of communication and swallowing disorders, and to promote our roles to the public. Our initiatives include:

Baby Baskets: A beautiful basket containing toys and books to promote communication development and information on communication milestones is provided to the first baby born in May, at all 10 birthing hospitals across the province!

Proclamation Signing: This is a joint venture between NLASLPA and CHHA-NL. Each year, both associations meet with government officials to sign the “May is Speech and Hearing Month” proclaiming in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It also provides an opportunity for representatives to discuss pertinent issues related to communication health.

Poster Contest: This is another joint venture between NLASLPA and CHHA-NL. This poster contest is available to grade 4 students across the province and the themes are “Protect Your Hearing” and “Protect Your Voice”.

Social Media Contests: The NLASLPA Public Relations Committee runs exciting social media contests through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Like and Follow to stay up to date!

May Month Photos